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Snap Around... Looking Back

The Mossman Collection at Stockwood Park Luton with Rhys and Shana Callaghan standing beside the stagecoach used in the film 'Carry On Cowboy'

Warming For Winter...

The Glenlivet… Glenfarclas…. Glenfiddich… Cragganmore… Macallan…. Lagavulin… Taliskar… Aberlour… Tomintoul…. The label names are endless. I once entered a small shop in Covent Garden that was totally devoted to the sales of rare and often forgotten whisky brands. The store shelves were filled to bursting point and there was little room for a further bottle to be displayed in the overcrowded shop window. Scotch whisky was thought to have been introduced into The Highlands and The Lowlands by Irish Monks determined to inflict their rare concoction on the rest of civilization and set about a myriad on the unsuspecting Scots and so you have to understand Scotch to fully appreciate its wonderful value to mankind. ‘The Water of Life’ is what the Scots call it! Early distillation in the 17th Century was a very ‘Dodgy’ affair: because ‘shots’ are poisonous and ‘after shots’ are undrinkable… Gunpowder was even added! Scotch is distilled in copper vats: why? w…

British Lost and Forgotten Films of the Past...

Everything Happens To Me  1938 Election agent: Cromwell played by Max Miller changes his allegiance mid campaign from Gusty played by H.F. Maltby, a hypocrite in charge of an orphanage, to Prodder played by Frederick Burtwell, a gentle easy-going fellow, but with a wife that is pushy and made him stand for election. It’s a film that has some strong entertainment value, particularly, as Gusty is discredited and Prodder wins the election. Directed by Roy William Neill and produced in the UK by Warner Bros.

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 34

‘He brought you to me.’ he added.

‘Yes, I remember being lifted again and looking down from some great height. It seemed as black as night, so dark, and yet, the air was fresh as a gentle warm breeze touched my face. Toby held me close until he had brought me home to you.’ She looked at him with a certain modesty.

A loving look crossed his face and he took her hand very gently. ‘Such a reunion.’ he said. ‘You know Tobias is your ‘familiar.’ Your Guardian Angel, so to speak. Wherever you go, whenever you need support he will be there. Summoned in your mind.’

‘And you Charles.’ she replied, ‘What are you, if not my Guardian Angel, my protector?’

‘That must wait my love, all in good time. Soon we have to make plans'. he announced.

'Do you think Edward will try to kill me again.' she asked cautiously.

'It's possible.' he replied. 'Without a body the Police can't make an arrest.'

'What if he comes to Bayswater looking for me.'…

British Lost and Forgotten Films of the Past...

Expert Opinion 1935 A couple of murders are committed and in both instances the culprit is released on evidence provided by a gun expert. The film also takes in a group of spies who are looking for the plans to a new military weapon. It’s twist, is that in due course, the guy who was freed of the murder charges becomes hunted by the spies in their search. An unusual, but interesting plot that features Leslie Perrins and Lucille Lisle. Production was from Paramount British..

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 33

‘Edward will change too!’ he replied. ‘But he won’t forget. You have not forgotten that you were once married to him. I’m quite certain of that.’ He laughed gently and said: ‘You now have the gift of everlasting perceptions.’

Esme turned her head to the window once more. ‘Lets take a look on the Common, just for the sake of a past life.’ She smiled curiously to herself. There was something tagging in her thoughts.

‘Haven’t you had enough of that!’ he complained. But he already knew what lay ahead and what had secreted inside her mind. It came in just one name, that of Tobias Westlake!

The couple stood on a grassy slope that overlooked several overgrown Gorse bushes edging a small worn pathway that trailed endlessly way down the hill. ‘I’m sure this is the place.’ said Esme. ‘I remember we came along that track. I’m certain of it.’

‘Looks isolated, apart from that path, a good place to commit a murder. I wonder how he knew about this place.’

Esme looked at hi…

Snap Around... Looking Back

On a warm Spring day, you just gotta go for the little train, and Leighton Buzzard narrow gauge railway

Summer Snap Around... Looking Back

Now that's my kind of Narrowboat... I guess the Foster's inside. Another shot from L.B's Canal Fest

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 32

‘Sorry doctor…. But she has gone! Your patient! I’ve checked everywhere. There is no sign of her. Her clothes are missing too. She has simply vanished into thin air!.’ The nurse was clearly very upset.

‘Alright nurse try to calm yourself’. he replied kindly. ‘It’s impossible for her to disappear in her condition, simply impossible. Make another search of the recovery room and check the toilets again. Likely she has woken disorientated and is wandering the building. Have a good look nurse, she won’t have gone far….’

Esme sat in the little tea shop that overlooked a quiet market square. It was 10.15 on a cold autumn morning. It was one year later.

‘You don’t remember this place?’ asked the man sitting opposite her. We could go up to the Common if you like… It may help.’  Charles lifted his head and looked out across the square. ‘If you’re determined to change things’. he added.

She followed his gaze across the square. ‘You think I’m wrong in pursuing this, dont you?…

Snap Around... Looking Back

Leighton Buzzard's Annual Canal Festival