The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 64 …Rebecca’s Spell….

‘An adventure?’ Charles echoed the thoughts of the others. ‘That really sounds grand. I think we all can do with a sense, now of purpose.’ They grinned enthusiastically and Rebecca beamed, as if with a fortified new energy and life.

‘I shall take you into an adventure, such as you have never known’, she said. That will be my gift to you all, each and everyone sat around this table. It will be your alternative path that you may wish to tread in order to reach your dreams. I will give you those thoughts of your past and I will give you a sense of your futures. We will embark on our voyage in the morning. Today, I want to hear all about you. Your lives, your loves, and above all… Your dreams.’

The remaining day was spent first in idle chatter, then of personality, of likes and dislikes, and as the day wore-on to mid afternoon, talk became more honest and more serried.

Charles… And Rebecca’s Spell

It became light and slowly Charles opened his eyes to a brighte…

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 63… Rebecca’s Tale… Part Two

Toby looked across to Charles, somewhat helplessly. Then said warily: ‘The connection… The thoughts… Are with Esme, that’s where we are now Charles, believe me. Esme is the connection, the joining with Rebecca…Just remember.’

Rebecca chose to sit close to them, almost in some confidential manner, as if wanting to be accepted into their little gathering. She was stunningly very beautiful, perhaps in her early twenties, with long flowing golden hair that reached down to her finely shaped shoulders. Charles studied her sea blue eyes and thought to himself: “How could any man reject such beauty.”

She was dressed now, in the clothes Esme had carefully selected for her, gone was the smoke ridden dress that she had worn earlier. Here was a refreshed Rebecca, of Lilac fragrance, a relaxed spirit, perhaps. She spoke gently, and yet, with some small determination.

‘You have been my rescuers and I thank you all for that. You have brought me beyond a most cert…

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 62… Rebecca’s Tale (Part One)

Later that day, Rebecca woke from her deep sleep, and when gently roused by Charles, agreed to meet them all in the Parlour downstairs.

‘She seems quite flesh and blood to me.’ remarked Charles quietly to the others whilst they sat and waited.

‘That is because her spirit is in limbo between two different worlds, you might say.’ stated Toby, ‘In the present, the only thing she will know, when she begins to understand, will be the difference in time. Right now, she is in her own time, the life that she knows. She will simply take us to be her rescuers. Her form, that we all see… is simply a dressing. An illusion projected by her spirit form… for the purpose of acceptance.’

‘But how can we deal with that?’ questioned Charles. ‘Years have passed since Rebecca’s earthly life time.’ He looked inquiringly at Tobias.

‘Yes, please tell us how Toby.’ chorused Esme.

Barney and Toby looked at each other with a somewhat cautioned eye. There was a hesitant sile…

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 61… Barney

Unlocking the door, Charles had opened it to a slightly built youth with a tousled shock of black hair and a warming grin. ‘Hi.. I’m Barnabas’ he announced, ‘But everyone calls me Barney. I’m Toby’s younger brother. I’ve heard a lot about you from him, all good mind you. Sorry it’s so early, my College friends seem to be early birds too.’

‘Come on in Barney, we have been expecting you. I guess you could do with some breakfast. Just let me change from these pyjamas and I will let the others know you’re here. Bacon and eggs be ok?’
‘I can certainly go for that!’ came a rushed reply. ‘My friends don’t do much in the way of cooking and prefer to eat on campus.’

‘Just go through to the Parlour Barney. I will be with you in around ten minutes.’

As Charles climbed the stairs, he could hear Barney whistling to himself in quite a pleasant way. It settled in his mind that Barney was instantly likeable. “I’m impressed with Toby’s younger brother” he told himself.

By 8 o clock …

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 60… An Excellent Talk

The three sat around a table in the small dining room of the little photographic shop on Moscow Road in Bayswater. Charles had brought forth a bottle of excellent single malt whisky for them to enjoy. Esme began to sip warmly on her half-full glass tumbler and then looked directly at Toby.

‘What happened to Edward in the end?’ she asked.

Tobias smiled very kindly. ‘Are you really that concerned, or is it just simple curiosity?’

‘Yes, I would like to know,’ she replied. Just to put my mind at rest.’

‘Well, he was simply spirited away, he is a good boy now. I’m sure you would approve.’

While the warming whisky was beginning to reach parts of the mind within all three of them, tiredness lay just around the corner.

‘You mean… He was killed!’ Esme looked shocked.

‘Of course not!  There are gentler ways to reform a person’s character. Edward was introduced to what you might say… a better life… That is, one that would suit his crime more adequately.’

‘Did you to…

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 59… Return To Bayswater

On reaching Bayswater Charles drove quickly to his friend Doctor Michael Fellows.
‘Well Charles, I have given her a thorough examination and aside from a little shock’ he concluded, ‘she seems to be in good health. One odd thing though, she hasn’t spoken a word to me. Has she said anything to you about her ordeal.’

‘Nothing very much doctor.’ he replied ‘Just some murmurings, really that’s all.’

‘Well Charles, could be the shock. Take her home and let her rest, that’s just what she needs right now. Please come and see me in the morning, I will need to know a little more about her for my report.’

‘Report!… Dear friend… Please understand. There can’t be any report.’ Charles startled hastily. ‘Rebecca does not exist, at least not in our time. There would be no reckoning of her.’

‘What are you saying. This is nonsense. Of course she must exist. She is flesh and blood.’
‘No Michael. Look… You don’t understand.’

‘I understand, what I see before me Charles. Yo…

The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Episode 58… Rescue

The ladder would just reach the window. He drove it hard against the wall and the ground. It felt secure. Within moments he had reached the window and beckoned Rebecca to first stand back then take his arm and climb onto the ladder, he shouted to her that he would hold her firmly and make sure she was safe. He pressed himself further into the ladder in order that his body would help her support. The heat was unbearable and flames licked hungrily from inside the window as Charles smashed the glass with a covered elbow. Rebecca’s form was petite allowing her to grasp the ladder and swing herself out from the rather small aperture of the window frame. Charles held her waist and moved down the ladder a little allowing her room. Then carefully, and very slowly they both edged downwards until Charles was able to lift Rebecca to the ground.

‘This place is a mess, come-on, lets all go.’ he declared ‘Lets get away from this heat.’ The ladder was now well alight, and flames r…