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The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp...

Written and serialized by Patrick George Callaghan Part 12

There were many excuses that Constance made to herself in the years of her life, none so, for her behaviour at that time and in the months that followed.  Soon after, Esme was packed smartly off to a small residential villa, west of Paris. There, she was to spend the summer months of 1925 as a companion to her elderly and overbearing widower-aunt – Madame Bourges, and in the words of her mother; ‘learn to become respectable!’
For Esme it was a most miserable time. She had lost him, and she was hurt and alone. Even now, in her bewilderment; English was no longer a common tongue to her.
Constance for her part sought rationalization through alcohol and at times would fairly burst with drunkenness. Throughout her life she never lived far from her medicine bottle and she told herself secretly that it gave her strength in a man-dominated world. Perhaps it did, and perfectly, and somehow, it was acceptable within the …

Forgotten British Films...

Good Morning Boys 1937(US: Where There’s a Will) Not so much a forgotten film as more of a cult film as Will Hay battles with the boys of St. Michael’s school in their pursuits of drinking, smoking and gambling. Will plays Dr. Twist a hapless school master at the mercy of the pupils who fix a French Exam in order to get a trip to Paris, Here, they assist in the theft of the Mona Lisa, but in the end retrieve it and clear themselves. An enjoyable romp with a likeable cast in Graham Moffatt, Lilli Palmer, Marita Hunt, and Peter Gawthorne

Remembering "The Darling Buds of May"