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Stockwood Park, Luton UK...

The ornate Italian Garden at Stockwood Park in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, now forms an area that once presented a WellHead in front of Stockwood House demolished in 1964. Stockwood Park and Gardens are spread over a large landscaped area that offers craft museums and a golf course. There is also an Elizabethan Garden, Dutch Garden, and an Improvement Garden with sculptures of Roman and Greek Influence. We spent an enjoyable day there last summer, also taking in The Mossman Carriage Collection.

The Brighton Promettes...

These are Brighton Sussex UK Promettes of 1952. The Visitor Information Centre of its time. For those men amongst you that like girls with brains there was no better place than Brighton, Sussex, England in the 50s! Formed from ex-models, these girls would offer all types of advice for your holiday stay in Brighton… But no dating though chaps!