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Our Mid Winter Break At The Biscot Mill...

Well, it was a welcome return to The Hungry Horse at Biscot Mill Luton UK on Friday for our Mid Winter Break Feast, and a feast it was too! This time we featured the younger members of the family who tucked heartily into a mirade of tasty big plate dishes including Chicken New Yorker and Big Plate Prime Steak with all the trimmings and washed down with giant glasses of iced Cola. It was a festive treat for all!

Buggleskelly Today...

Buggleskelly Today… The year of 1937 began the birth of Buggleskelly, the mythical Irish railway station set on a stretch of disused line near Basingstoke in Hampshire England. The setting was for the film Oh, Mr. Porter starring Will Hay, Moore Marriot, and Graham Moffat… The film was to become a classic!
A tumbledown railway station, representing Buggleskelly was built at an old halt, and even during filming the line was being taken up by The Basingstoke and Alton Railway Company. The film itself is one of the funniest of British comedies in the Music Hall tradition of the 1930′s. The location of the run-down mythical Buggleskelly station was very overgrown when we visited there with our cameras in 1996, but it was still possible to make out where the booking office, rail lines, and signal box had once stood. There are more pictures taken at the location on

The Crooked Chimney...

It has got to be the best ‘cook from scratch’ menu we have ever tasted when the family visited ‘The Crooked Chimney’ at Lemsford Nr. Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire UK. On offer were fab starters, vintage classics, seasonal favourites, chargrills, vintage home made pies, and tasty puddings, all washed down with a wide array of winter warming drinks… (PGC is pictured in shot 2 by a member of the very helpful staff.)

The Saltair Pavilion Utah from my blog of December 2010...

Some of you have watched with interest the DVD of ‘Carnival of Souls’ 1962 after my recent blog, and emailed to say that you enjoyed it, but wondered if I knew anything about the creepy derelict Pavilion used in the movie.
The Pavilion was built in the 1800′s as a health spa on the edge of The Great Salt Lake in Utah. Thousands came to take to the waters that were heavily salted… the only creatures able to sustain life in it’s saline depths were tens of millions of Brine Shrimps, harvested today as pet fish food… In those days one could simply float without drowning in the water! The end of the Pavilion came as part of The Great Salt Lake began to dry, and by the time the movie ‘Carnival of Souls’ was made in 1962 The Saltair Pavilion was in a sorry state.
I hope that makes the film even more interesting for you… By the way, the director had seen the Moorish type Pavilion driving home one night across state, and seeing it at its most erie gave him the idea for the film…