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Dunstable's Kite Gala...

We made a flying visit, excuse the pun! to Dunstable’s Kite Flying Gala in Bedfordshire UK held on the Chiltern Hills on Sunday, and sampled some quite respectable sausages and burgers, aside from the dozens of spectacular Kites there were thousands of spectators in what turned out to be a baking hot day!

Forgotten British Films...

Thunder Rock 1942 A very unusual and thought provoking film set upon the The Great Lakes of North America. It tells the story of a Lighthouse Keeper played by Michael Redgrave who mantains the light on the isolated Thunder Rock. He is running away from real life events and lives in a dream world of shipwrecked characters who in time help him overcome his problems. Produced by the Boulting Brothers with a script by Bernard Miles and Jeffrey Dell and co stars James Mason. It was originally based on a play by Robert Ardrey.